We take care of your home

We are a serious agency, a dynamic team specialised in providing all the services required for homes and owners.

We care about your real estate

We provide skilful professional care in adding value to your property through the right channels.

Domus Management is your ideal partner

From custody and maintenance of second homes, to rental, guaranteeing a regular source of income.


Our History

Why Domus Management

Domus Management was established 15 years ago to concretely answer house-owners’ needs for someone to look after, care for and – why not – render their property a profitable concern by means of reliable, controllable management.

Nowadays at Domus Management, clients can rely on more than 400 professionals and 4 main offices disseminated throughout the province of Verona and on Lake Garda, all offering choices of undeniable quality for those wishing to see their property keep or increase its value.

Our Plus:

  • A single partner that provides diversified services for real estate management
  • Knowledge of real estate market
  • Personalized strategy based on the needs of each customer
  • Territoriality
  • Technical expertise
  • Advanced management software and constant budget check
  • Reporting and continuous monitoring of requests

Our services

Domus Management guarantees the following services

Swimming pools
Restructuring of interiors and exteriors
Execution of works
Handling of documents
Energy bills
Property management
Services to rent
International advertising
Administrative issue

Domus Rental

Place your second home in our hands and we will put it to work for you!




What they say of us

Herr Hansl

“For many years, I had a caretaker who looked after the house and did any special maintenance. Now, instead, I have a partner who not only does all this, but anticipates the needs of the house and efficiently deals with all matters concerning the property.”

Frau Boss

“Four years ago I bought a villa on Lake Garda and I became acquainted with Domus Management who was already managing the property. Domus Management helped me first of all to transfer services to my name and to deal with outstanding matters, then to renovate the property. Now they take care of all the necessary maintenance and when we arrive on holiday, everything is perfectly in order with no stress on our part. An irreplaceable partner, I have just recommended them to some friends who have recently bought a villa on the lake.”

Roberto C.

“I entrusted my first apartment to Domus Management three years ago because I wanted to place it on the tourist rental market and I needed the assistance of a serious professional operator to do so. Afterwards, impressed by their work, I engaged their help with a second property requiring partial renovation and then a third which only needed refurnishing to suit the student rental market, obtaining great success and completely supported by Domus Management.”


Torri del Benaco

Via Pai di Sotto, 6 - Torri del Benaco (VR)
+39 045 72 60 412


Via Isonzo, 7 - Verona (VR)
+39 045 83 49 881
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