How do you manage your property? With us it is increasingly digital!

Domus Management stands for quality and innovative management of your real estate. We have given a digital imprint to our agency, thanks to an integrated system that allows owners to check step by step how their home is managed.
This means transparency, timeliness and complete traceability of the activities carried out.
The tool with which we manage each property is our Online Identity Card, shared with the owner.
The ID Card collects in a single document:

  • Real estate stocks (cadastral and other data)
  • Technical documentation (surveys/technical drawings)
  • Mapping of technical and technological installations
  • Collection and summary of utilities (light, gas…)
  • Recovery and assignment of a complete supply team (plumber, electrician, bricklayer, handyman, etc.) Our business continues with taking charge of the activities necessary to make the real estate portfolio usable.

This means checking the different properties and assigning them a clear and controlled management model:

  • Supplier management
  • Control of the activities in a view of Project Management
  • Scheduled activities in calendar
  • Times and cost monitoring.

Each property will have on line its past history, present and future traceable and always accessible to the owner, who then can make his choices related to their homes in a conscious and transparent