Project Management Villa B.

Word of mouth sometimes helps to protect your property too!

Mr. B., after having tested two different technicians, came to us at Domus Management on the advice of his neighbor, our client of a few years, to carry out his real estate project.

Mr. B. is resident abroad, many kilometres away from Lake Garda and, precisely for this reason, he needed a trusted interlocutor to keep him updated on the state of the work and on the situation of his property. No sooner said than done!

After having taken care of all the administrative-bureaucratic part at the reference Municipality and after verifying the correctness of the authorizations issued, always a demanding activity in Italy, we redefined and integrated the work plan to realize the customer’s request, verified and confirmed the total costs and duration of the work and … we got to work!

After only 7 months we started the building intervention on the house: we built a beautiful two-storey villa maintaining the minimalist style so desired by Mr. B. and making it usable from the summer of 2018.

Content, satisfied and proud of the success of the work, the owners of the Villa also asked us to furnish the interior and create the garden, a task that we delegated to one of our suppliers specializing in outdoor furniture and garden design.

Mr. B. is now satisfied, happy with the result and a frequent visitor to our Lake Garda and relies on us for all the usual management of his property.
We take our customers by the hand and accompany them, day after day, for the best result.