Regional Land Registry Thermal Plants (CIRCE): a legal obligation to ensure the health of buildings.

The Veneto Region with the D.G.R.V. n.1363 of 28 July 2014 has implemented the state legislation on air conditioning systems, in order to standardize the application of the discipline throughout the territory of the Veneto Region in terms of operation, management, maintenance, control and inspection of winter and summer air conditioning systems of buildings.

The Regional Register of Thermal Plants, CIRCE-Impiantitermici of the regional portal, for the registration and management of the books of thermal plants and energy efficiency control reports has been established.

CIRCE-Impiantitermici is a legal obligation for every building and was created with the aim of providing a useful tool for the control and maintenance of winter and summer air conditioning systems of buildings, as well as to monitor the energy performance of thermal plants on the territory, containing energy consumption.